Bringing Yoga Home

Private & Group sessions available.
Packages available. Please inquire.

Today’s world is a busy, outward and upward one. Yoga classes are sometimes too overwhelming for those seeking the beginnings of a practice. Bringing Yoga Home is a way to practice in the comfort of your own space, pause to ask questions and design a program that fits your unique needs.

Receiving external support allows you to develop a clear relationship with your inner teacher. Ultimately, the trust in your own direct insight allows the deeper currents of a yoga practice to unfold.

No props (mat, block, etc.) or prior experience are necessary to begin…only a desire to go within and get out of your own way.


“I have been practicing yoga regularly for one year and felt I needed to take my practice to another level. I loved the studio classes I was doing but felt I had developed some bad habits and that I lacked perspective on the bigger picture of yoga. I was pushing myself into poses instead of breathing into them and, practicing in a class, my mind would lose focus.

Home practice with Tracey has really helped me. After the first 2 – 3 sessions I felt a lightness in my practice that I had not felt before. Tracey could tailor the poses for my flexibility (or lack thereof). I found immediate benefits in a supported version of pigeon that had not previously been offered to me and I take that to every class I go to.

Tracey’s style is very fluid and calm, she really embodies the spiritual side of yoga but in a very approachable way – I never feel uncomfortable or overwhelmed by her presence, And I feel the need to be truthful here, some days I just feel lazy and don’t get to class. With Tracey turning up at my door I have no choice – which is great if you are super busy or lacking a little get up and go.”

-Claudia Batten